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Sometimes, in planning a wedding, things can get a bit hectic. There are a bunch of people who are all in competition for your money. Weddings have become, unfortunately, big business. How big? The best estimates are that weddings support a 69 Billion dollar a year industry! Everyone wants to sell you the most expensive dress, the largest lot of flowers, the biggest cake, and the most beautiful reception hall. It is no wonder that your photographer is sometimes an afterthought. But remember this - of all the things that you spend your hard earned money on for a wedding, your pictures will be the only true representation of your wedding day - for your and your children, and their children.

Basic Wedding
Pre-Wedding consultation, Local coverage of the ceremony, Retouching of up to 10 images, limited license of images.
Our Most Popular Wedding
Pre-Wedding consultation, Engagement photo session, Local coverage of wedding including preparation, 8x10 wedding print, 8x10 Storybook album, limited license of images.
Storybook Wedding
Pre-Wedding consultation, Engagement photo session, Local coverage of wedding including preparation, ceremony and major reception events, 11x14 wedding print, 3 - 5x7 prints, Large storybook album, Brides brag book mini-album, Limited license of images.
"No Worries" Bride's Session
I know that you want to look your best on your wedding day. You want everything to be perfect, and that includes keeping your dress as spotless as possible. Now that your wedding day has passed, wouldn't you like to get some great shots of you, in your dress, at some beautiful, funky, or unusual locations? The kinds of places that make you look wonderful, but you wouldn't dare venture into on your wedding day. Since you were going to have your dress professionally cleaned anyway, why not take it out for one last fun and memorable time? When is the right time? It can be the day after, the week after, or a year after. No worries. There's no reason why your new husband can't be a part of the fun, either!
Before I Said "I DO" Bridal Session
What better gift for your new husband than beautiful images of you that were created just for him? A perfect wedding gift that he will cherish forever.
We provide other services, in addition to any of the above listed packages. Lets talk about your needs and lets make your wedding memories truly magical.